About Me

Welcome to ‘TheWaterCoolerWizard.com’! I’ve been in the Water Cooler industry for over 16 years now and I’ve always thought boy, if people would just ask questions, or at least have some input from someone who has the answers BEFORE they chose not only WHICH cooler to buy, what TYPE of cooler to buy, or determine if they even NEED a water cooler, it would make their experience so much easier and enjoyable.

As you go through the information provided on this site, you’ll see that there really are some decisions you need to make that will have a major impact on how you not only proceed as far as whether to rent or purchase a cooler, bottled or bottleless, how you’re going to pay for it, what model cooler works best for you and how and where you want it installed and WHO you want to install it. Also, can you install it yourself, or should you leave it to an expert and just WHO IS an expert as such things.

How I Got Into This Crazy, Obscure Business.

About 16 years ago I found myself in a transitional phase, looking for something new and different to do to make money. I stumbled across an ad that said, “$80 to install an automatic ice maker”. I responded to the ad and ended up as a Technician for a national company who’s sole purpose was to install and service Bottleless Water Coolers all over the U.S.. My territory was the Washington DC area.

After a few months I was approached by a local company who wanted me to install coolers for them, and as well, sell their coolers here in the same DC area, which I did for a brief period until I just started to not “feel good” working with that company anymore. Their M.O. was “rent-to-own” bottleless coolers, which when it was all said and done, just seemed like a bit of a ripoff to me.

The readers digest version of the rest of my story is, I decided to start my own company, installing and servicing Bottleless Water Coolers. I proceeded to hire and train Technicians all across the U.S. and Canada, 700+ just to give you an idea what an undertaking this was, and the end result is that I have contracts with 4 national bottleless water cooler companies, whereas I service and install bottleless coolers for their customers that order those services. And although the bulk of what I do now is handle the coordination between the cooler company, customer and my 700 Technicians, I do still keep my fingers in it and do some “hands-on” service and install work here in my local area of Washington DC when I have time.

Over And Over, I See Customers Make The Exact Same Mistakes.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve watched as Customers make uninformed decisions about their drinking water. What type of cooler, bottled vs bottleless. What cooler COMPANY to buy from. Whether to rent or to purchase. Which model cooler suites their needs best. Where to install their cooler and last but certainly not least, WHO should install their cooler.
All the answers to these questions are different depending on your situation.

What I Would Like You To Know, And Why.

When I install a new Bottleless Cooler for a Customer, I always give the Customer what I call, “The Care and Feeding of your new cooler” speech when I’m done. The very last line of that speech is, “If you do nothing but get water out of your cooler AND change your filter every 6 months, no moving it around, no messing with it, you’ll have years of hydration happiness. Move it around, treat it ‘rough’ and you’ll NOT be happy with your cooler, you’ll have problems.” We’ll cover all the reasons for this later.

After you’ve read through this site my hope is that you’ll make a good informed decision that has you ending up having made the best decision for you and the intended use of your cooler, as well as a decision that saves YOU money, saves you STRESS, and is good for the ENVIRONMENT. ALL FOR FREE. It’s just how I roll.  🙂

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, shoot me an email, or leave a comment.


Mark Justice